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Cycling to help FUCK CANCER !!!

In 2004 I got asked to cycle to the Cannes Advertising Festival from Geneva. 8 days, 1000km over the Alps to raise money for Leukaemia Research.  I was game it was April.  I was producing music videos at Ridley Scotts production company in Soho where the Fireflies was born in 2001.   The trip changed me psychologically and physiologically and has been a cornerstone of stories, joy and friendship many years later with trips all over the world.  Below are a few photos of those times which I need to curate better.   I have undertaken 10 European Fireflies trips, one in California and 2 in Patagonia as well as many other excursions with alumni of rides all over the world.  They call it training camps, I call them cycling trips in spectacular places with wine and cheese.

Fireflies - we are family and have raised a few quid and awareness for good causes.



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