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An AI Enhanced musing in the tone of JRR Tolkein to our new in bound entity.. DUE DATE 24th of June 2024....

Dear Small and Most Esteemed Adventurer,

Welcome, or rather pre-welcome, to this grand and spinning sphere known as Earth, a place of great marvels and wide expanses that even the most seasoned travellers find daunting and yet, wholly exhilarating. As the day of your expected arrival from the distant shores of the unknown draws near — marked boldly on our calendars as the Twenty-Fourth of June — your mother and I find ourselves quite beside ourselves with a peculiar mixture of excitement and, dare I say, a hint of what the wise in the lands of Middle-earth might call 'adventurous trepidation'.

You are yet to see it, but the world is a vast tapestry of stories and legends, some as ancient as the hills themselves. Among these tales are those filled with dragons and heroes, fair folk and dark creatures, all under the watchful eyes of stars that have seen the rise and fall of ages. Herein, dear child, you shall write your own story, a saga we hope will be filled with laughter, love, and the occasional second breakfast (which I assure you is an essential meal for any budding adventurer).

Your arrival heralds the turning of a page in our own lives. Like Bilbo Baggins on the morn of his great journey, we stand at the edge of our known world peering into the vast unknown with you, our littlest companion, soon to join. How joyous and profound is the quest we are about to undertake! A journey of a thousand leagues, beginning with a single, albeit somewhat wobbly, step.

We have prepared a cozy nook for you in our abode, akin to a hobbit-hole, designed for maximum comfort and filled with the softest of blankets and the gentlest of tones. Here, tales of great wonder await to whisper you to sleep, and songs of ancient lands will greet your waking ears.

Know this, little one, that even the mightiest oaks in the forest begin as the smallest acorns. You, too, are set to grow mighty, under the watchful gazes of not only your parents but stars and moon alike, who no doubt anticipate your unfolding tale with as much eagerness as we.

Prepare well, young traveler. The road ahead is uncharted, filled with the magic of first words, first steps, and the unbreakable bonds of family. We await your footsteps with bated breath, ready to guide you through realms both bright and shadowed.

With all the love and anticipation that two hearts can muster,

Your soon-to-be exceedingly proud and forever enchanted parents

P.S. Should you encounter elves, always show the utmost courtesy. They are known to be particularly helpful to those who are polite and kind-hearted.

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Joel Peter Levack
Joel Peter Levack
Jun 22

You’re gonna smash it xxxxx

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