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Mental mastication emanation exploration

OK.. 1st ever blog post if this is what this is….. So why have a blag? Why have a website?.. who is ever going to read this stuff? Do I care (of course.).. do I have anything to say of import? .. OK.. by having a website which is essentially a repository of stuff to remind me partly of who I am/was/are and showing it to my mum..…. and an ego massage.. I exist. So an existential not graffiti artist spraying moments throws about the place of me.. people get to see some instances… nuggets of the picture, but not the whole piece.. it’s impossible to see the whole picture as there really is no purposeful cohesion or proper lens that can focus the emissions or blips… but there is an arc, a dyspraxic narrative with many of the ups and downs, ins and outs humans have… so here is some stuff.. glimmers of joy, insight, pleasure, upset, cheese and wine. Here are some pictures, notes and excretions of my consciousness… oh and I forgot I suppose this is a motivation for me to scribble/sketch/write/muse/mind mastications..


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