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Country Matters

Moving I am. To the country. Trees and plants and stuff.

This is Bargates Cottage which used to be farm worker cottages on the Everlands Estate near Sevenoaks and Ide Hill.


Essentials 1. I have two pubs equidistant from my front door along trails.

Essentials 1.5 They are called The Cock and The Pheasant Plucker.

Essentials 2. The mobile phone signal is not best.

Essentials 3. There is a deer fence around my garden.

Essentials 4. I need to buy a mower, a chain saw and an axe.

Essentials 5. There will be fires.

Essentials 6. A poly tunnel and a green house are present so I can grow stuff.

Essentials 7. The oldest cycle race in the UK is competed half a mile away.

Essentials 8. My landlord is a Sheriff. The high Sheriff of Kent.

Essentials 9. I was born in Kent in the same hospital as Shane McGowen.

Essentials 10. There are some Wellingtonia near by which are Sequoia.

Essentials 11. The house is on the North Weald Ridge.

Essentials 12. I was Wealden 100 & 200m sprint champion age 14/15.

Essentials 13. From the ridge you can see the town I grew up in Crowborough.

Essentials 14. The house is 24 miles from Charing Cross.


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